Vol 15, No 2 (2019)


Table of Contents


Assessment of hydromorphological conditions of above and below dams of river Teesta in Sikkim PDF
Deepak Sharma, Ishwarjit Singh, Kalosona Paul, Somnath Mukherjee
Comparison of Different Base Flow Separation Methods and Drought Vulnerability in a Rift Valley area PDF
Tenalem Ayenew Tsegaye, Assefa Eyassu Debessay, Tilahun Azagegn Tafere
Remote Sensing and GIS based Morphometric Analysis for three Sub-Watersheds of Manair river Basin in Telangana, India PDF
Mohammed Abdul Moid, Maryada Abhilash, Tatiparthi Vijaya Lakshmi, Pyla Keshava Rao
Stochastic variate difference approach for water level discharge data sets at Mantralayam of Andhra Pradesh of India PDF
Sathish Subramani, Khadar Babu, Venkata Ramaniah
Georeferenced Video Mapping to Classify Streambank Erosion Susceptibility PDF
Brett Connell, Paul Ayers, Andrea Ludwig, Keil Neff, James Parham